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$800 the discount is 1%

buy the script Agency shop of digital goods + Google AdSense + Super Integrated partner exchanger is an example of Motril

own store here http://магазин-цифровой.рф/index.php


Get paid:

- The form of the agency charges, auto sales in foreign goods, from your site;

- You get money for clicks made by users on the contextual advertising Google AdSense;

- Receive money from the exchange operations on your partner exchange office

No need to suffer and to create a site manually.

Proposed PHP script will create you a site with thousands of pages (about 120 thousand. Pages) a copy of the trading platform

All you have to do - is:

- Register in the system and get Digiseller agent number ID;

- Register in the system Google AdSense create ads;

- Sign up for the affiliate program of the two exchangers

- To insert the data according to the instructions in the agency store.

- Upload the script on hosting.

- Hosting recommend this

- Be registered in the search engines.

- That´s all you need to do to you, then start getting your income.

- Agency accrual + Pay per click Google AdSense + exchange of money.

- Your earnings will depend on the number of visitors to your site.

- Requirements: Host PHP 4 or higher and place of about 100kb with support CURL!

- Installation instructions inside the archive.

(Not at all free hosts will work)
21.10.2015 7:08:16
13.04.2014 13:28:51
Приятно иметь дело с таким продовцом очень отзывчивый и сразу помог с проблемой возникшей при установке скрипта. Спасибо.

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