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Series, number and PIN-code cards express payment of Chelyabinsk Branch of OJSC "Uralsvyazinform" nominal value of 200 rubles. The map is intended to pay for these services in Chelyabinsk: home (or office) telephone, wired radio, long distance / international calls, Internet services (other than internet access technology ADSL), wireless service CDMA, 8-971 service phone portal -10-10-101, laundry service 0-66 and 0-09 and other services from the company "Uralsvyazinform".
Instructions for using the card:

- Dial the phone number (if you call from a landline phone in Chelyabinsk): 078

- Turn the phone into tone mode (usually by pressing *);

- Follow the voice prompts.

The order to pay for a set of communication services of OJSC "Uralsvyazinform":

- 1, PIN-code #, the amount of payment in rubles, #, your phone number (Listen to the message of the entered data of payment);

- Hereinafter: # - * to confirm or - to cancel.

The procedure for payment by the operator 9, wait connection with the operator.

The procedure set for checking card balance: 0, PIN-code #

For more detailed instructions on how to activate the card can be found on the website of Chelyabinsk Branch of OJSC "Uralsvyazinform»:

Telephone technical support in Chelyabinsk: 263 4665.
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