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βœ”οΈ this is the unique system of recommendations and a personalized interface tailored to your preferences;
βœ”οΈ huge catalog of movies, TV series and cartoons in high quality from around the world, including both the largest Hollywood and domestic blockbusters and niche independent projects;
βœ”οΈ app is able to continue viewing one-touch on any of the devices connected to your ivi-account;
βœ”οΈ this new movie appear on ivi very quickly;
βœ”οΈ app is the ability to add movies to "watch later" button to return to browsing;
βœ”οΈ app is the ability to download movies to a memory device and watch them without Internet access;
βœ”οΈ app is a convenient way to sort and filter movies.
βœ”οΈ this is Hollywood masterpieces and new products from Disney, Universal, Paramount, MGM, ABC, as well as the best Russian and European movies, series and cartoons.
βœ”οΈ app is the ability to download to the device for viewing without Internet;
βœ”οΈ great game viewing without ads;
βœ”οΈ app is high quality video and audio - 4K, HDR, Full HD, 5.1.

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