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Full macro package for APEX (v3.0)

The complete package includes a mixture of macros:

- Bloodhound (Prowler Burst PDW)
- Carabiner (carbine R-301)
- Gun (RE-45 Auto)
- Prowler Burst PDW
- PP (P-99)
- Devotion (Devotion)
- G7 Scout (G7 Scout)
- Shifter (Generator SMG)
- Spitfire (M600 Spitfire)
- Star (L-STAR EMG)
- Flatline (VK-47 Flatline)
- Chaos (HAVOC)
- Hemlok (Hemlok Burst AR)

Macros are written completely under the standard sensitivity in the game.
Fits all available sights.
The collection is in the .RAR archive.

This compilation includes (Universa (Apex Legends)

All files .AMC format.
04.06.2019 23:26:32
Давненько искал, наткнулся случайно. Не знаю первые вы или нет кто сделал макросы, но спасибо! Пойду тестить!