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Macros for any types of mice! For many popular games such as CS:GO, PUBG, Apex Legends, Deathgarden BLOODHARVEST and others...
Buying one key you get macros for all weapons in these games.
Program works with all mouses and keyboards!

SU is a program that automates many routine user actions in various computer games and programs without embedded to their process, which gives an absolute advantage in the accuracy, speed and safety of these actions.
In other words, SU is a program for using and developing macros that simulate user actions through input devices (keyboard and mouse).

BASIC LIST OF GAMES (with macros for recoil compensation)
-Apex Legends

The list of games is constantly updated.
If there is no game of interest to you in this list, then there are universal macros that are suitable for all games:
-Static Recoil Compensator (easily customizable recoil compensator)
-Dynamic Recoil Compensator (advanced recoil compensator using spray arrays)
-Simple Clicker (easily customizable autoclicker)

You can also record a macro in real time (mouse movement and button presses) by pressing a single button, which can be specified in the program settings.

For experienced users, the "Code" tab can help, in which you can write macros yourself, using any available standard preset as a basis or by reading the program´s help.

-Works with any kinds of keyboards and mouses
-Is not embedding in processes and is a safe and independent control environment for input devices
-Works with any running games and programs, in the form of a random process and minimized mode
-Has a centralized repository of presets that can be downloaded in the program
-Has a simple system for setting up presets with their descriptions
-Has its own programming language of presets with nonlinear macros
-Has a record custom macro function in real time
-Has GUI support on top of all windows
-Has sound effects support
-Has a built-in output log
-Has a built-in help and news information
-Has an automatic update system
-Has a simple activation system that does not require registration

-Arithmetic calculations
-Random number generator
-Conditional jumps
-Direct and deferred macro calls
-Recursions and cycles
-Interrupt commands
-Import presets

1) After starting the program, enter the activation key in the appropriate field and click on the "Continue" button;
2) In order to install the necessary presets (sets of macros for certain games) click on the "Download" button in the upper right corner of the program, select the necessary presets by selecting them with the mouse and click on the "Download" button. After confirming the action, the program will open the last downloaded preset. To select a different preset, use the "Preset" drop-down list;
3) Before launching a preset, configure it according to its description on the "Main" tab, then click on the "Run" button. The preset will work according to its description.

All necessary reference information is located in the "Help" tab.

Longer activation periods of the program are available on the official website:

15.08.2019 20:10:22
good one
07.08.2019 13:43:20
Хорошая программа, пользуюсь давно
03.08.2019 23:05:45
These are the most amazing Macros i have ever tried , they work just perfectly on every game and you cant really get banned for them as the process dose not attach to the game itself but into the system only and the support is really nice and super helpful and they always fix your problem no matter what even if you are a beginner you will have no problems at all as the support will get you through. Im really happy with the purchase. Big +Rep
29.07.2019 17:58:44
21.07.2019 12:59:00
ty very good
17.07.2019 10:59:22
good program! that´s what I need
14.06.2019 23:59:37
04.06.2019 11:23:26
i´m very helpful and would definitely recommend to anyone :)
01.06.2019 13:46:08
играю во все игры из списка. добавьте rainbow six siege
27.05.2019 11:36:31
Хороший товар