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Money back guarantee if the promotional code did not work!
Promo code for 500 rubles (points) in the OZON (Ozone) store. EXACTLY for NEW users, so you can create a new account if you already had a purchase and get 500 points. (read more below)
Points can pay 25% of the order amount!

Attention! Important!
1) WORKS EXCLUSIVELY for NEW ACCOUNTS without purchases, made after the 1st November 2018, for which there were no purchases yet!
2) The code is activated ONLY in the mobile application!
3) Enter in capital letters only

How to get points?
1. Download the Ozon app on your smartphone.
2. Log in to the application.
3. Apply the gift code word that you get when you buy here, your account will be automatically replenished by 500 points.
All my promo codes are here:

P.S. Most please do not forget to leave positive feedback! (should not take more than 10-15 seconds to write a short review). Thank you in advance for your feedback.
19.07.2019 20:54:29
10.06.2019 11:47:59
Спасибо! Еще и скидку на яндекс еду получил.
26.04.2019 12:08:10
Работает. На вкладке "бонус" на странице с промокодом получил еще скидку на яндекс еду. Спасибо.

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