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-After payment for the goods, you will receive a unique code to activate Cheat, you will also receive full instructions for use.
-Using more than two months, no ban! on the contrary, the Timeits put the huskies that they dragged the rink)

Brief description of Chita

- highlights illusions
- shows mana bar opponents
- Auto Hex
- Shows rollback skills of the enemy
- Shows if someone farm creeps in the forest
- Shows the run of barathrum, sanstrayk and similar skills ...
- show the direction of the hook, arrows are peaceful and similar skills ...
- it shows who and where the TP is doing, even if the Adversary is not visible at this moment
- there are also ready-made scripts for many characters of Invoker, tinker, miner, skywrath mage ...

For more information about this, read the NS story

The functionality of the cheat is constantly growing; the interface is improving; all new patches are supported.

There is also a subscription for 1 days for the test

If you have any questions please contact us directly on the line in the online chat
You can also order additional services from us for HEARTHSTONE, TWITCH PRIME and much more, a list

All of our products at the link below:

-Contact us by Plati or Skype or Telegram in-house chat and we will answer all your questions!

-Thank you very much for your purchases and reviews, especially for you cumulative system of discounts!
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