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Subscription ivi + for 1 months.
for 1 account ONLY 1 certificate. Certificates UNIQUE.
After activation of the purchased goods, you will have full access to premium subscription IVI + for 30 days.
The product is guaranteed to be used in the country´s accounts - RUSSIA.

The product is guaranteed to work on new accounts To start, you can try and activate the old one. Claims for the inability to fully operate correctly on old accounts (with a previously created subscription by activating any other promotional codes) are not accepted.
It is recommended to create a new account ivi and activate the promotional code.

DO NOT GUARANTEE the correct extension to your current account. If you are not satisfied with this condition - refuse to purchase the goods. There is no refund for the above position.
To activate:
Install the IVI application or go to the site
Register on the service
Go to the section "Activate the certificate" and enter the received promo code
Promo code activation period: until December 31, 2018

1) How to activate the certificate on a personal computer

2) How to activate the certificate for iphone or ipad (iOS)

3) How to activate the certificate on Android

4) How to activate the certificate on Smart TV
22.10.2018 17:53:39
Неожиданно и круто) Всё работает
09.10.2018 21:42:00
08.09.2018 14:01:48

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