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Released: November 2, 2017.
Age rating: 18
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 Attention! The certificate must be activated within 6 months from the date of purchase. To activate the ivi certificate: Go to
Sign up or login
Click Activate Certificate.
Enter the certificate code in the appropriate field
The certificate is not subject to refund and exchange for cash
Features of the subscription: Extended catalog of films, serials, cartoons
View without ads
Quality Full HD 1080 *
Download to mobile **
Film as a gift every week
* high resolution, where available
** for mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms, where available. In case of questions, please contact us by phone: 8-800-234-49-23 during working days from 10 am to 7 pm Moscow time, by e-mail: support @ or through the form "Contact technical support" on the site ask.ivi.ruTerms of use: The certificates are intended solely for personal use, namely to gain access to watching movies in the Internet cinema on the territory of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Georgia , as well as countries that are part of the CH . Some of the films placed in the Internet cinema, may not be available for viewing in part of these countries in connection with the licensing restrictions imposed by rightholders. To use the Certificate, it is necessary to activate it in the Internet cinema After activating the Certificate, you will be able to get a subscription for the period specified in the Internet cinema The activation of the Certificate and the receipt of services require the availability of compatible software and devices, as well as access to the Internet. The certificate is not subject to refund or exchange for cash, except as provided by law. Unused funds are not refundable under the Certificate. The certificate is not intended for resale. The availability of services, specific films and their cost are determined at the time of their purchase in the Internet cinema and may change. The ownership of the Certificate and the risk of its loss pass to you at the time of the Certificate. The administrator of the Internet-cafe does not give any guarantees concerning the Internet cinema By activating the Certificate, you agree to the terms of the user agreement, privacy policy and the Terms of Use of the Certificates, the full text of which you can find on the Internet site at,, and which may change from time to time. © 2010-2017 LLC "". All rights reserved
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