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Visits to your site with unique IP.
You contact me via VK, Skype (rarely I visit), Telegram: @newserneo, WhatsApp or to mail and you provide a unique 16-digit code.
After that, tell me the name and URL of the site, additional settings for impressions (geotargeting by country, the interval of impressions, you can set behavioral factors,
daily limit and also an automatic increase in the daily limit) and I put it in advertising.
Setting HTTP_REFERRER through which sites or search engines entered your site and what keywords and promotion in the search engines for the given keywords.
After the end of advertising, you receive a report (screenshot).
Before buying, read the rules
In the system LiveSurf 1000 hits are 39 rubles. Buying goods from me you save more than 50% ... 15 rubles for every 1000 impressions
For the positive feedback 1000 visits as a gift.
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