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I´ll bring 1000 subscribers to your group in VC!

High quality.

Absolutely safe promotion.
Low price.
No bots.
If you make interesting content, then the percentage of notices will be no more than 5%
Possible people without avatars (less than 15%)
General requirements and recommendations to all groups:

Minimum on the wall of the group should be 5-10 records.
Group should be created at least 2 days ago
During the execution of my order, do NOT moderate the members of the group and do not use other promotion services!
During the addition of participants, there will appear "dogs" - blocked accounts (no more than 5%), these are the accounts of living people and most of them will eventually recover.

I do not work with subjects: Groups containing materials 18+; eroticism and everything in this spirit, the sale of accounts, mmm, a group without an avatar with unfilled information, alcohol, sports betting and closed groups.

If the quality is not important to you, but important quantity or vice versa, see my other suggestions.

1. Enter the required number of subscribers, choose the payment method.
2. After payment, you will receive a 16-digit code, it must be sent to the seller in any convenient way with a link to the group (attach to the product, through correspondence with the seller or through the "Ask a Question" on the product page) and wait for the delivery of the goods.
3. Expect. Work is carried out within 5-15 days, for the safety of your account.
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