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Uploaded: 30.06.2019

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Genre: RPG
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Languages: English, Russian, French, German, Spanish

Fantasy based on reality. Escaping the flames of war, Noctis, the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Lucis, embarks on an epic journey with his best friends through a world of larger-than-life beasts, amazing wonders to behold, and dungeons filled with danger in hopes of finding the strength to take back his homeland and end the battle.

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3. Copy the link to your Steam profile in the specified field when buying the game.
4. Wait for an invite to friends of the seller and take it.
5. When receiving a notice of sending you a gift take it.
6. After adding the Library to start downloading the game and wait for full load.
7. Enjoy the game!
27.04.2019 10:38:48
26.04.2019 0:12:46
22.02.2019 22:42:35
Игра получена, всё быстро, спасибо.
16.10.2018 0:33:50
Все прошло быстро и без эксцессов. +rep
05.08.2018 10:22:55
Получил в автоматическом режиме в течении минуты
15.07.2018 15:32:03
Спасибо, все пришло!)
11.07.2018 21:59:09
все отлично работает (хочу подарок)
28.04.2018 11:10:09
14.04.2018 21:17:12
Спасибо, хочу подарок
05.04.2018 13:38:54

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