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AWP Macro for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Archive with macro for AWP contains:
- Macro format .AMC
- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Setup Instructions
For proper and accurate macro settings, read carefully before installing.
and follow the instructions carefully for proper macro operation.

All macros provided in the archive are checked, rechecked,
Do not forget to carefully and properly configure!

1. Change the game SETTINGS - keyboard / mouse: "The sensitivity of the mouse" - 2.52,
"Direct connection" - ON, "Sensitivity of approach" - 1.
2. Change the game SETTINGS - video: "Resolution" - any.
3. If the macro work is different when firing on the wall, adjust the "sensitivity of the mouse"
in the game as follows - if it pulls down - lower the sensitivity, and if up, increase the sensitivity.
14.05.2018 15:22:45
На лего2 тамое то XD спасибо!

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