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"King and Leader" - this is the second set of lords for the game Total War: WARHAMMER. Expanding the possibilities of greenskins and gnomes, he adds to the campaigns and battles of two famous characters and a whole series of cult groups from the universe of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Two new legendary lords ...

... with their own task chains, magic items and skill trees

Two new types of lords

Six new types of troops

22 new famous squad

Belegar Iron Hammer, who heads the Angrund clan, got a bitter inheritance: his direct ancestor was King Lunn - the last dwarf ruler of the Eight Peaks of Karak. Belegaar vowed to regain the throne of this great fortress and is now gathering an army in Karak Izora. Speaking against the accursed coffins shoulder to shoulder with the spirits of the legendary ancestors, he will fulfill his vow and himself will go down in legends.

Meanwhile Skarsnik, the leader of the night goblins who captured the Eight Peaks, went off to hunt the squid in the Gray Mountains east of Bretonnia. When he camped in Karak Azgaraz, news reached him of the campaign of Bellegar and, worse, of the mutiny of his subjects, who in absentia declared him deposed. Vile, vile, perfidious reptiles!

Two legendary heroes claim to one ancient fortress. Their fates are closely intertwined; One day the king and leader will converge in the decisive battle for the right to be called the ruler of the Eight Peaks of Karak.

New legendary lords

Belegar Iron Hammer, the true king of the Eight Peaks

Belegara, heir to the throne of the Eight Peaks of Karak, awaits a difficult but glorious future. This fearless gnome swore to liberate his ancestral fortress from green-skinned usurpers, whatever it cost.

But Eight Peaks is not only Belegara´s legitimate legacy, but also one of the greatest gnome fortresses, second only to Karaz-a-Karak. By releasing her name in the Angrund clan, the Iron Hammer will be able to descend into the tombs of her ancestors and grab a huge arsenal of ancient rune weapons ...

Unique start position

Begleg starts a large campaign in the fortified settlement of Karak Izor in the territory of the Border Principalities.

Campaign Benefits

During the big campaign, Bellegar is accompanied by the spirits of his ancestors: King Lunn Iron Hammer (tan), Halkenhaf Kamneborod (tan), Dramar Molotoruky (experienced engineer) and Troni Zheleznobrov (rune-keeper). These fleshless heroes have all the advantages of astral orders.

Playing for Belegaar, you can build the outposts of the rangers - special buildings that allow you to hire huntsmen already in the early stages of the campaign. In addition, this legendary lord has the property "Assault of fortifications" and can attack settlements with walls without siege weapons. On the other hand, until he releases the Eight Peaks of Karak, he will have to bear the increased costs of maintaining the troops.
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