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Test work 2 Option 32 - Garbuzova N.E.

1. The cutting tool must be machined for maximum hardness. For his
Manufacture is selected steel U13A. Assign a heat treatment mode, describe the essence
The transformations occurring, the structure and properties of the given steel.

2. For the production of hammer stamps, steel 5XSVB is chosen. Specify composition and group
Steel by designation. Assign a mode of heat treatment, give its justification,
Explaining the effect of doping on the transformation during the heat treatment of this steel. Please specify
Structure, properties and requirements for hot stamping.

3. Give a general description of soft magnetic materials, specify their composition, properties and
Field of application in machine and instrument engineering.

4. The alloy VT6 is used for the skin of aircrafts. Give the composition of the alloy,
Mode of hardening heat treatment and the resulting structure. Describe the processes,
Which occur during heat treatment, and the advantages of VT6 alloy in comparison with VT5.

5. Describe polystyrene - atactic and isotactic shockproof. Specify properties
And the field of its application in engineering.
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