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Here you can buy premium Soviet Tank VIII level T-54 first prototype for World Of Tanks.

T-54 first prototype - a Soviet medium tank level premium VIII. Externally it is similar to the T-44, but has a number of key features. Premium tank is better protected: the forehead hull and turret are often withstand enemy shells hit, especially with the active maneuvering. Because of the enhanced reservation and not the most powerful engine of the tank is low dynamics, especially when accelerating from a standstill, yet enough speed to perform standard tasks for the middle of the tank. The gun rapid-fire, without distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Like other tanks VIII level, the T-54 the first sample has a very high yield, as well as the possibility of training crews from other Soviet medium tank without any penalties.

This premium tank battles earns 10% more experience and 50% more experience for the crew, and also has a high rate of return compared with the pumped appliances.

07.10.2017 9:27:40
Супер пупер <3