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Here you can buy a British premium tank VIII level FV4202 (P) for World Of Tanks.

FV4202 (P) - British average premium VIII level tank. The undoubted advantage of this machine - accurate weapon with one of the best among the "classmates" breaks, good stabilization in the movement, comfortable angles vertical lay and large viewing range. "Briton" copes with the role of supporting the tank, especially if you take advantage of it in the shootings on a hilly terrain on the far and middle distance.
FV4202 (P) - an excellent choice for those who circulates a branch of the British medium tanks.

08.11.2017 15:27:59
Товар пришёл быстро, никаких проблем.
13.10.2017 14:25:35
Всё пришло, и главное дешевле чем в офф. магазине!
16.06.2017 11:34:27
Надежный продавец!
18.04.2017 21:45:59
Все отлично!! Спасибо!! Танк в ангаре!!
Самое главное дешевле чем в прем магазине!!!
18.01.2017 11:19:15
Все отлично, спасибо!

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