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Here you can buy a premium tank Czech VI Škoda T 40 level for World Of Tanks.

The first representative of Czechoslovakia in the game. It was developed after World War II as a general-purpose tank, which explains its universality. Proven 88-mm cannon and good ride quality - what else is needed for a good game?

Decent enough damage and rate of fire can quickly deal with enemies in the near and middle distance, and promotes mobility maneuverable combat style. Overview 370 meters - another nice bonus with the active game. Fly in the ointment will not be the best stabilization and a small angle of declination guns.

The tank will appeal to fans of the class of medium tanks and collectors.

This premium tank battles earns 30% more experience and 50% more experience for the crew, and also has a high rate of return compared with the pumped appliances.

attentionAfter payment, send private messages to your username in World of Tanks, and a unique code that will get after payment! </ Attention>
02.12.2017 21:30:02
Очень хорошо
24.06.2017 20:13:43
Все отлично, даже с бонусом
30.05.2017 19:15:29
Танк получил
28.02.2017 21:46:29
5 минут и танк в ангаре

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