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Option 28
1. Products made of steel 45 are required to be improved. Assign a thermal mode
Processing, describe the essence of the transformations taking place, the structure and properties of steel.
2. Steel ХВ5 is chosen for the manufacture of cutters. Specify the composition, assign and justify
Regime of thermal treatment, explaining the effect of doping on the transformations occurring at
Heat treatment of this steel. Describe the microstructure and properties of steel after heat treatment
3. Assign stainless steel for medium aggressive operation (solutions
Salts). Give the composition of the steel, the necessary heat treatment and the resulting structure.
Explain the physical nature of the corrosion resistance of the material and the role of each alloy
4. For the manufacture of parts by deep drawing, brass L80 is used. Please specify
Composition and describe the structure of the alloy. Assign a mode of intermediate heat treatment,
Used between the individual drawing operations and justify it.
5. High and low pressure polyethylene. Describe its properties and scope in
Machine building.
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