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UEFA Euro 2012 DLC in ORIGIN

Without regional restrictions (Rest Of World (ROW) - Region Free / World Wide ORIGIN Key)!

This product is DLC to the game FIFA 12 (FIFA 2012). To activate this product and its use in the game required the original activated on origin-account game FIFA 12 (FIFA 2012).

The EA SPORTS UEFA EURO 2012 ™ expansion pack for EA SPORTS FIFA 12 recreates all the excitement of the official tournament with over 50 European national teams, all eight official stadiums, and all the pageantry and atmosphere of one of the largest and most-watched sporting events on the planet. Compete as your favourite country in an authentic online tournament mode against rival nations in the group stage, progress through the knockout rounds, and ultimately compete for the chance to be crowned the UEFA EURO 2012 ™ champion. The all-new Expedition Mode designed exclusively for UEFA EURO 2012 ™ enables fans to build and compete with a customized squad against other European nations strategizing their journey through Europe. Plus, you will be able to relive dramatic moments from the UEFA EURO 2012 ™ qualifying campaign with challenges based on real-life matches, and replay key moments from the UEFA EURO 2012 ™ tournament.

What you need to activate / use the product:

1. Log on to the website and download the Origin here;
2. Start Origin and log in to your account using your username and password from the first paragraph of this manual;
3. Buy or activate on account the game FIFA 12;
4. In the Origin client menu, find the "Activate product code" - enter the purchased key and following the complete activation process (select here the language of the game, if that option is available);
5. After activation, find the Origin client in the "My Games" game, you can download it here, and then start playing.

This product does not contain any packages or boxes.
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