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$500 the discount is 2%
Gift Card Blizzard 1000 руб.


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3) Enter the code that you bought.

Your® wallet will be immediately replenished, and you will be able to purchase any of the services available on

Works only in Russia.
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STEAM games, Kaspersky, Microsoft Office, Xbox, Playstation,, World of Tanks, and hundreds of other products.
********************* WORLD OF WARCRAFT **********************
All goods purchased officially confirmed that the documents are issued immediately after payment!
All products purchased by you can always view by clicking on the following link:! Leave your comment after purchase.
To contact us will be happy to answer your questions.
Thank you for buying our products! </ Attention>
13.03.2020 11:20:43
02.03.2020 15:24:18
N I C E !
07.01.2019 15:03:53
благодарочка вы мне очень помогли )
15.12.2018 15:42:09
01.04.2018 14:36:02
Ключ, как я понял, рабочий, но я протупил с регионом. Мой регион не подходит для активации ключа. Хотел бы получить деньги обратно(извините за мою тупость).
27.03.2018 16:57:19
07.01.2018 10:37:53
Всё хорошо, работает, спасибо)
12.12.2017 20:29:14
09.07.2017 10:11:53
Все ок
28.06.2017 20:17:10
Все путем.

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