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Here you can buy premium Soviet Tank VIII-6 IP level for World Of Tanks.

IP-6 has a good armor, beneath the rational angles, as well as good mobility and a low silhouette. The gun has a rather large one-time damage and a good rate of fire, but the penetration and accuracy figures had not the highest.

The optimal distance for the battle of the tank - the proximal or middle, the best tactic - a breakthrough of enemy defenses.

This premium tank battles earns 10% more experience and 50% more experience for the crew, and also has a high rate of return compared with the pumped appliances.

attentionAfter payment, send private messages to your username in World of Tanks, and a unique code that will get after payment! </ Attention>
14.10.2017 13:32:16
Все круто! Все работает реально!
10.02.2017 11:27:41
20.01.2017 18:47:21
Все ок !!! Спс

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