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Materials Science - test work number 2
Option 46
1. Springs made of steel 65 after properly tempered and tempered
Have a hardness significantly lower than required by the specifications. What caused this
Defect and how can I fix it? Indicate what kind of hardness and structure provide high
Elastic properties of springs.
2. For the production of edging matrices and punches, 9ХФ steel was chosen. Decode the composition
And determine the steel group for its intended use. Assign a heat treatment mode, bring it
Justification, explaining the effect of doping on the transformations occurring during thermal
Processing of this steel. Describe the structure and properties of the tool after heat treatment.
3. In aviation and missile technology, as well as in shipbuilding and instrument making
High-strength martensitic-aging steel Ш8К8МЗТ, Н18К12М5Т, etc. are used.
Composition, heat treatment, structure and properties of these steels. Describe the nature of hardening.
4. For castings of complex configuration bronze BFO4-0.2 is used. Decrypt
The composition of the alloy, specify its structure and designate a heat treatment mode for removal
Internal stresses arising after casting.
5. Non-metallic ceramic
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