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Option 29
1. How does the cooling rate affect the structure of the crystallizing metal? Explain
Essence of impact.
2. What heat treatment is used after cold plastic deformation
To remove hardening? Justify the choice of mode (for example, aluminum) and describe
Occurring transformations.
3. Draw a diagram of the iron-iron carbide state, indicate the structural
Components in all areas of the diagram, describe the transformations and construct a curve
Cooling (using a phase rule) for an alloy containing 1.5% C. What is the structure of this
Alloy at room temperature and how such an alloy is called?
4. Using the iron-iron carbide state diagram, determine the temperature
Normalization, annealing, quenching of steel 45. Describe these modes of heat treatment and
Describe the structure and properties after each treatment.
5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of surface hardening of steel products at
Heating by currents of high frequency in comparison with hardening by cementation method? Name it
Steel grades used for these types of processing.
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