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Option 11
1. Describe the linear imperfections of the crystalline structure. How do they affect
Properties of metals and alloys?
2. What is the difference between elastic and plastic deformation? Between brittle and viscous
3. Draw a diagram of the iron-iron carbide state, indicate the structural
Components in all areas of the diagram, describe the transformations and construct a curve
Cooling (using the phase rule) for an alloy containing 0.5% C. What is the structure of this
Alloy at room temperature and how such an alloy is called?
4. Draw a diagram of the isothermal transformation of austenite for steel V8, apply
On it is the curve of the isothermal treatment regime, which provides hardness of 50 HRC.
Specify, as this mode is called, describe the essence of the transformation and what structure you get
In this case.
5. Using the iron-cementite state diagram, describe the structural transformations,
Occurring at heating of steel U12. Specify the critical points and select the optimal mode
Heating of this steel for quenching. Describe the process of quenching, describe the
Structure and properties of steel.
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