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Solution D4-14 (Figure D4.1 condition 4 SM Targ 1988)
Vertical shaft AK (Fig. D4.0-D4.9, table D4), rotating with a constant angular velocity ω = 10 s-1, is fixed by a thrust at point A and a cylindrical bearing at the point indicated in Table. D4 in column 2 (AB = BD = DE = EK = b). A weightless rod 1 of length l1 = 0.4 m with a point mass m1 = 6 kg at the end and a uniform rod 2 of length l2 = 0.6 m, having a mass of m2 = 4 kg, are rigidly attached to the shaft; Both bars lie in one plane. The points for attaching the rods to the shaft are indicated in the table in columns 3 and 4, and the angles α and β are in columns 5 and 6. Neglecting the weight of the shaft, determine the reaction of the thrust bearing and the bearing. At the final count, take b = 0.4 m.
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