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Script drop-down form questionnaire for the SMTP site work
SMTP settings in anketa.php and send.php file
Post script has the following characteristics:
1. Sends data to form an attachment to your e-mail via SMTP
2. It is very easy to configure, just enter your E-mail address of the page with gratitude.
3. Also fits easily into any design!
4. Content anketa.html is a form that can be placed anywhere on your site
The form contains the following items:

1. Your І´mya
2. Your Prіzvіsche
3. Date narodzhennya
4. Contact phone number
5. Nayavnіst zakordonnogo passports: SO / ni
6. Іm´ya (yak in pasportі, latinskimi lіterami)
7. Famіlіya (yak in pasportі, latinskimi lіterami)
8. Serіya passports
9. Passport number
10. Passport to dіysny
11. The area of residence in Ukraїnі
12. Іdentifіkatsіyny code
13. Your E-mail
14. Vkazhіt Bazhanov vakansіyu that your kvalіfіkatsіyu
If they change the encoding kryakozyabliki
If that does not work, please contact! Help Free!
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