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Digital Deluxe Features:
Includes the Made Man Pack along with other items.
Set "Mafiosi": Two unique luxury cars made in the style of classic cars of the time.
Also, 2 stunning tuxedos will fall into your wardrobe, one of which is with the most modern aviators.
Digital art book: get to know your family and Empire Bay even closer by flipping through or even typing a book that includes a lot of concept art telling you about creating a game with the language of colors.
Empire Bay Digital Map: Discover all the places in the city, exploring 26 square kilometers of a fictional city.

Vito Scaletta began to earn a reputation for himself on the streets of Empire Bay, being "one who exactly did his job." Together with his friend Joe, he persistently performs various tasks in order to gain the confidence of the Mafia, quickly climbing the “family” ladder, breaking the law more and more, raising his status more and more and bringing closer the moment when he will have to face the consequences of his actions being a mob is not as easy as it may seem.
Key features of the game:
A lot of action: intense firefights, chases and fights - you have to do everything and even more to become a real "mafia".
Gorgeous gangster story: inspired by the best mafia dramas, the writers created a stunning “movie” with convincing characters and a real mafia spirit.
Diving into another world: the era of Empire Bay is at the height of the Second World War, the echoes of which are remarkably clearly seen in architecture, music, cars and clothes. After some time, the first hot rods appear on the streets, the style of the 50s, music and everything else associated with those wonderful years.
Illusion Engine ™: The development of 2K Czech, the proprietary engine of the Illusion Engine, will allow you to enjoy the picturesque seascapes, city streets and everything else you can find.
The appropriate time music: you will be amazed at the atmosphere of Mafia II, which is created by the compositions of the best performers of that era.
Achievements and results table Steam!
I would really appreciate a review after purchase.

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20.01.2019 13:52:30
Product received as described. Recommended!

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