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Try your luck!

Things are sorted automatically exchange randomly bot script. Buying this product, you are guaranteed to get a random M4A1-S, which can be of any quality (from the "battle-hardened" to "Straight from the factory").


CAUTION HOW TO OBTAIN ADDITIONAL BONUS weapons? Leave your positive feedback and reported to the seller! AND SUBJECT OF YOUR! =)))

For the subject:

1. Provide a unique code and links to shopping EXCHANGE in correspondence with the seller (not ext. Data);

2. Make sure that you have enabled in the settings of "Steam Guard" and allowed the exchange of objects within the site Steam;

3. Make sure that you open inventory STEAM!

4. PROFIT! : D

Where to find link exchange?

1.1 Click the "Inventory";

1.2 Click on the "exchange offer" (blue button on the right-top);

1.3 Click on "Who can send me the exchange offer?" (Right column)

1.4 Scroll down and there you will see a link

(2nd way to find the link)

2.1 Follow the link:;

2.2 Login Steam;

2.3 Scroll down and there you´ll see a link.

Thank you for your positive feedback, we will delight you in the future!

CS: GO - Random Weapon / Random Weapons - ACTION -

CS: GO - Random Prohibited Weapon - discounts, bonuses -

CS: GO - Random Sticker / Random sticker - ACTION -

CS: GO - Set of 5 cards - ACTION -

CS: GO - Random AK-47 - discounts, bonuses -

CS: GO - Random AWP - discounts, bonuses -

Good luck and all the best! ;)
19.06.2016 16:39:45
Спасибо +++++
17.05.2016 0:05:11
Все быстро делается. Доволен))
30.03.2016 8:46:10
классно очень
03.03.2016 13:12:43
Отличный продавец!
25.02.2016 14:36:14
очень хороший сайт уже много чего тут купил всем рекомендую
03.02.2016 17:52:06
26.01.2016 19:18:06
купил без проблем,всё хорошо!
23.01.2016 13:56:00
Жду. долго, но хатико тоже ждал
13.01.2016 22:49:06
Хорошый магазин , афигенный дроп , отзывчивый продавец!!!
07.01.2016 20:13:48
Долго, но пришло продовец долгий))))):DDDD

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