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On account it is forbidden to change the password and mail, in this case you lose the warranty.
subscription to twitch prime channels is not guaranteed
Activation of Warface

1. Follow the link -
2. Click on the "Claim Now" button.
3. Log in to your purchased Twitch account.
4. Click on the "Link accounts to use loot" button
5. Select a platform and link accounts.

-Activation of League of Legends

1. Sign in to your purchased Twitch account at
2. Follow the link and link your LOL and the purchased Twitch by clicking the Link Accounts button below
3. After binding, click the Claim Loot button.
4. Accrual of a bonus can take up to 24 hours, if not immediately, then wait
NOTE. League of Legends Summoners Crown is NOT AVAILABLE for the following servers: Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore / Malaysia, Taiwan and all servers of China

Instructions for WOT:
1. Go to, click "Sign in", enter the login and password specified in the purchase.
2. Click claim
3. Bind the twitch account to the WG account
4. Restart the game if it was open.
5. After receiving bonuses, we untie the twitch account
P.S. If you bind several accounts, then pay attention to the fact that you need to exit additionally from this page, because there is a separate authorization

Attention, the reward can be charged with a slight delay, you must wait and restart the game. You have to wait for an average of 6-12 hours. It may turn out faster, but delays of up to 30 hours are also possible.

The problem is massive, the reason lies in the servers of VG or Tvich
If the account is invalid, or without a prime, contact us and we will help you
15.04.2019 21:35:07
Работает, плюшки падают.
15.04.2019 1:39:34
Все работает,отличный сервис ! Советую .
06.04.2019 17:41:24
Большое спасибо! Забрал себе плюшки для apex´a. Всё просто и быстро)
02.04.2019 17:18:56
Купил аккаунт. Получил логин, пароль. Привязал к WG. Дали пакет "Браво". Оставляю положительный отзыв, потому что работает.
30.03.2019 19:55:47
Товар соответствовал описанию) все хорошо)
26.03.2019 23:10:07
Для тех кому не приходит сразу:
Отключитесь и заново войдите на сервер и бонусы будут мгновенно
26.03.2019 18:20:18
спасибо получил
02.03.2019 16:15:32
Все пришло в игре, спасибо!
28.02.2019 17:30:09
Все получил
28.02.2019 9:53:51
Всё пришло сразу.Спасибо!