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Very often on site to check the correctness of the data entered by the visitor. For instance validation when entering a phone number into the form. Visitors to the site is often necessary to fill in various forms on the site, such as registration, ordering goods, newsletter subscription and distribution, etc. Checking the validity of the telephone number, will allow the visitor to facilitate data entry, as well as prompt, in what format it is required to enter the phone number, and will not let him make a mistake. Also, such a test will help the owner of the site, to protect against spam and eliminate the extra time spent on analysis and sifting numbers incorrectly entered numbers. Since telephone, validated on the site will have a well-defined format, according to a pattern, it will further allow to automatically handle database collected phone numbers software.

Checking the validity of the telephone number is performed using Javascript. Javascript, can check dynamically in real time, i.e. Just in the process of entering the phone number. With dynamic validation, the visitor simply can not make a mistake and do not enter the correct phone number, because javascript would monitor the process of entering each digit. Validation of phone numbers can be performed, and after filling the entire form and send data, in this case, the visitor will be withdrawn relevant tips on mistakes.

Depending on the application, the requirements for the format of the input telephone number may be different, for example:
Only numbers 1234567890
division into two or three digits,
division of numbers separated by a dash or a space,
restriction on the number of digits
mandatory area code,
Only landline or mobile numbers
Only a certain number of the operator.
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