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The "Quick Event" - allows time to remind you about important events,
with very flexible settings notification and implementation of the various commands (scripts).


The current version 1.4
License type: Shareware
Localization: Russian Language
OS: All Windows
Size: 10 MB.

Author: Y.Shlyapkin

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"Quick Event" - these are the events that are happening in our lives in minutes,
hours, days, weeks or months. Unfortunately, with our fast pace of life,
we can not always remember everything that needs to be done in the near future.
This may be: important phone calls, events, trips, meetings, etc.
With the "Quick Event," you will always be assured that miss
Important for you to meet or call.

The difference from other programs?

The main difference - it is the ability to quickly and flexibly adjust any notice,
with the ability to run commands or scripts at a specified time.

"Quick Events" can be used to:

any events with the specified date and time
Quick selection reminder set from 1 minute to 7 days
create your own parameters reminder: in minutes, hours or days
perform the specified command when an event occurs
In addition:

Startup and the ability to be placed in the SysTray
Open protocol save your settings to an XML
Choose any external interface (112 different the external interface)
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