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The questions in the test:

1. The sphere of material production are industry

2. The heavy industries are industries

3. What trends are characterized by a progressive change in the structure of the economy?

4. Which of the following parameters are quality parameters classifying businesses?

5. Where should be carried out state registration of the commercial organization?

6. How are profits and losses among the participants of the general partnership?

7. Which of the following options apply to the peculiarities of a limited liability company 000?

8. The main features of the legal entity - a

9. Which of the following items are in the production structure of the enterprise?

10. Which of the following plants are among the main shops of the enterprise?

11. The size of the enterprise is determined

12. The main types of industrial structure of enterprises are

13. The features of the subject of the production structure are

14. Which of the following units belong to the productive infrastructure of the enterprise?

15. What characteristics are relevant to a single type of production?

16. What features are included in the standard type of production?

17. What characteristics are relevant to the type of mass production?

18. Which of the following operations are the main production operations?

19. Which of the following applies to the run-time support operations?

20. The duration of the production cycle

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