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Responses to test the Open Law Institute on the subject of the right to stay in the program for the file exel Test Client.

The format of the responses: the question - is written the correct answer. The best format, the passage will take from 6 to 10 minutes!

Answers to tests OYUI latest, guarantee 100% of the results of the test to assess the 5.

Answers 2014, the test has been encrypted with the new!

The questions in the test:

In a manner of presentation of the law it is not ...

Form authorizes the implementation of the law

The inner side of the state´s sovereignty is expressed in ...

Signs of rights does not apply ...

The function of legal responsibility, consisting in the prevention of new offenses

Time, place and method of the offense are the elements ...

Among the legal guarantees of the rule of law applies (yatsya) ...

The object of the offense - it´s ...

It features a specially-legal rules do not apply ...

Inaction may be illegal

The requirement for the society and the state, which consists in a complete, accurate and strict implementation of the rule of law by all subjects of law, is determined by the concept of ...

The subject and method of legal regulation are the criteria ...

The criterion which underlies the division of legal facts in the law-, pravoizmenyayuschie and pravoprekraschayuschie

In Russia, local governments ...

Definitions fixed rules ...

Form authorizes the implementation of the law

An indication of the public authority is not ...

The causal link between the wrongful act and of consequences refers to ...

Element rule of law

State functions are divided into internal and external ...

The form of the functions of the state, which is expressed in the application of regulatory law

Elements of relationship

The purpose of the interpretation of the law

The method of presentation of the law, which is characterized by the presence of pointers to other specific articles of the normative legal act, which contains the missing information


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