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Responses to test the Open Law Institute on the subject of clinical psychology of children and adolescents are in a file for the program exel Test Client.

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Answers 2014, the test has been encrypted with the new!

The questions in the test:

Psychosomatic development of children through the following steps:

The process and mechanism of energy conversion result of sexual desire (libido is characterized by the replacement of sexual aim to target more distant and more valuable socially

In what country and who first used the term "clinical psychology"?

The substantive triad of clinical psychology include:

Who opened the first psychological clinic:

Social sex of the individual as opposed to the biological understanding of sex as a combination of morphological and physiological characteristics.

What is the leading activity in early childhood:

One of the trends of speech development in early childhood is:

The set of ethical standards and principles of conduct medical officer in the performance of their professional duties.

Fundamental work is called spondylitis:

3. From the standpoint of psychoanalysis, Freud driving force of mental development is:

From the position of A. Adler driving force of mental development is:

From the standpoint of behavioral school driving force of human mental development is:

Verbal description of experiences, feelings, thoughts and behavior of the patient:

From the standpoint of the cultural-historical theory of LS Vygotsky, the driving force of mental development is:

Piaget singled out the following basic mechanisms of adaptation of the individual underlying mental development of children:

Piaget singled out following periods of cognitive development of man:

The mood is characterized by a sense of inadequacy, a sense of despair, a decrease in activity, or reactivity, pessimism, sadness and associated symptoms.

VV Kovalev singled out following periods of mental responses in children:

Formation of the hysterical character traits more conducive to the type of education:

One of the forms of deviant behavior with the formation of the desire to escape from reality by artificially changing their mental state is called:

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19.01.2019 7:51:25
ВСЕ тесты с первого по четвёртый курсы покупала у этого продавца на этом сайте и только математика на 4, остальные были пройдены на 5!(я пока ещё на 4-ом)