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Responses to test the Open Law Institute on the subject "Mathematical Methods of Operations Research in Economics" in the file for the program exel Test Client.

Answer format: question -> write the number of the correct answer and the correct answer is written himself. The best forms

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The questions in the test:

The problem of dynamic programming Xk denotes

The number of inequalities in the system constraints of the dual problem

The geometric meaning of the simplex method to solve the problem to the maximum is a successive transition from one vertex of restrictions to

The most used method for solving the transport problem is the method

The problem of the distribution of funds between enterprises

The area of \u200b\u200bfeasible solutions of linear programming problem - it

If Fmax - the optimal solution of the direct problem, and Zmin - dual, then

The problem of the distribution of funds between enterprises profit fk (x) k-th enterprise

Simplex method was first proposed

In the first stage of the simplex method is

Suppose that in the problem of distribution of funds between enterprises xk - funds allocated to the k-th to the enterprise; sk- amount of money that is distributed among the remaining n - k enterprises. The equations of state have the form

The problem of the distribution of funds between enterprises apply programming techniques

The transport problem is a problem of programming

Dynamic programming is applied to transactions

The problem of the distribution of funds between enterprises is required to determine what amount of money should be allocated to each company to

The problem of the distribution of funds between enterprises function fk (xk) defined

Economic-mathematical model of the transportation problem has limitations as a system

In the left column simplex table are recorded

The first line of the table contains simplex

Line level - is the line along which the objective function

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