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1. Select the grade of cast iron for making responsible machine parts (cranked
Shafts, connecting rods, etc.). Specify the composition, processing, structure and basic mechanical properties
Details of this cast iron.
2. Steel XVG is chosen for manufacturing the measuring instrument. Specify the composition,
Assign and justify the heat treatment regime, explaining the effect of doping on
Transformations occurring during the heat treatment of a given steel. Describe the structure and
Tool properties in the finished state.
3. Assign stainless steel for operation in medium aggressive environments. Give
The composition of the steel, the necessary heat treatment and the resulting structure. Explain
The physical nature of the corrosion resistance of the material and the role of each alloying
4. BrBNT-1,7 bronze was chosen for manufacturing membranes and other elastic elements.
Give the chemical composition, heat treatment and the resulting mechanical properties
Material. Describe the processes that occur during heat treatment, and explain the nature
Hardening in connection with the copper-beryllium state diagram.
5. Indicate the main features of plastics as a structural material and
Recommendations on the use of plastics in machine building.
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