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$1000 the discount is 1%
Virtual card - a prepaid bank card, which has no material carrier and intended to make purchases on the Internet.

The advantages of virtual cards:

Simplicity and speed. You do not need to visit a bank to issue the card and wait for its activation.
Pay card can be as soon as it received the details.

-Security. You do not need to "shine" their salary or credit card. Details of the main card remains secret.

-Convenience And mobility. To purchase enough to know the card details and have access to the Internet.

Card Properties:
- Payment System - Mastercard,
- Card currency - the US dollar $ (USD),
- A statement, balance - yes,
- Conversion (commission 1%) - yes,
- The completion of their own, the cardholder - no,
- Withdrawal of the card - no,
- Protection code 3D Secure - yes,
- The country of the bank that issued the card - Russia.

After payment you will receive a unique code generated by the service. This code should be reported to the seller to confirm the transaction.
After checking the vendor unique code, you get the card details as follows:
- Card number - 16 marks;
- Security code (CVV2 / CVC);
- Expiry date - month and year.

Successful you shopping with Virtual Card!
Other denominations -

A statement, consultation refund -
11.04.2019 18:34:59
Продавец порядочный человек. С ним можно иметь дело.
28.03.2019 13:19:50
Seller and their support are perfect
24.03.2019 19:12:44
Все быстро и отлично!
30.01.2019 9:02:45
быстро и надежно
15.01.2019 18:49:45
Быстро, без проблем
07.01.2019 12:52:06
16.12.2018 12:17:16
Спасибо. Все работает
03.12.2018 19:49:36
Все хорошо. Оплата в Google Play прошла успешно.
01.12.2018 11:15:41
it works with no problem.
01.12.2018 3:25:14
All good, the card worked well on EU merchant.

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