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Responses to test the Open Law Institute on the subject of intellectual property rights are in the file for the program exel Test Client.

Answer format: question -> write the number of the correct answer and the correct answer is written himself. The best format, the passage takes 10 minutes!

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The questions in the test:

The concept of ´´ intellectual property ´´ includes:

The assignment of the right to obtain a patent is:

Creating works of science, culture and art in the service order entails the emergence of exclusive rights under the law:

Can the author of an invention, utility model or industrial design to yield a natural or legal person the exclusive right to their stage of its design:

Derivative methods include:

Granting exclusive rights occur:

The transfer of exclusive rights shall be:

Transition exclusive rights is carried out:

The concept of "civil-legal forms of intellectual property" includes:

The transfer of exclusive rights may be made out:

Can the object of intellectual property or know-how to be a contribution to the assets of the economic partnerships and companies:

Copyright active:

Sources of copyright:

Copyright is:

Business customs:

If an international treaty to which the Russian Federation stipulates other rules than those established by civil legislation, are applied:

The scope of copyright depends on:

The subjects of the copyright may be:

The origin and exercise of copyright:

The subjects of the copyright may be:

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17.06.2019 5:56:14
Спасибо, ответы помогли, тест сдан за 5 минут на отлично)
25.09.2018 12:51:50
2 реферата за 4 дня это круто) рекомендую