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The book is a series of lectures on the psychology of mass behavior of the crowd.

All we have seen riots in the streets. If you do not live, at least in the news. Everyone has heard about the many revolutions, including very recent. All are influenced by "the effect of the crowd." Because 6-7 people - this is the crowd. And there are very different laws. Do you remember how fast rasprstranyayutsya emotions in the collective anger and irritation, laughter and joy, even boredom - the crowd act as a kind of "psychological infection", being transferred from one person to another.

The book has illustrations and a very vivid examples of the our recent past (the coup 91go 93 and Nagorno-Karabakh, riots after football matches in the late 90s and panic in the Soviet stadiums). Also, there are examples of the more distant past, such as the famous phenomenon of the "feast during the plague" and "St. Vitus's dance," and much, much more. Examples disassembled and analyzed, the author shows the mechanisms that occur inside the crowd and how to influence them.

Do you want to quickly rally the team against the enemy? Or loosen razyarennuyu crowd of football fans from his store? Stop panic or dispel boredom? Ignite the crowd of a new idea or not to give a political enemy to fool people? Or you do not want to be fooled ourselves? Detailed descriptions of techniques, guide with examples you'll find in this book.

In fact, this book applies to many areas of psychology, but first and foremost - the mass psychology. With which most of us are familiar, which for many years was the domain of only the secret services and which is so necessary to us in this age of constant neprekraschayuschisya elections. After all, in fact it is another very powerful tool of political strategists.

Wondering how to achieve victory in the elections? You here!


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