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Responses to test the Open Law Institute on the subject "History of Economics" in the file for the program exel Test Client.

Answer format: question -> write the number of the correct answer and the correct answer is written himself. The best forms

Answers to tests OYUI latest, guarantee 100% of the results of the test to assess the 5.

Answers 2014, the test has been encrypted with the new!

The questions in the test:

The varied periods of primitive age?

What tribe refers to the main Slavic tribes who lived between the Volga and the Oka?

What is the essence of the clan?

What characterized the independent peasant communities?

What has been the dominant system of industrial relations in Kievan Rus?

What was the name of tribute collection in Kievan Rus?

Who collects debts in Kievan Rus?

What refers to the form of money in Old Russian state?

Which of the principalities of the most intense there was a process of socio-economic development of Kievan Rus after the invasion of Batu?

In what industry the fastest recovery of production occurred in the 13-15 centuries. in Russia?

What is the process of development of new lands in 14-15 centuries in Russia?

Which creates favorable conditions for the development of cities in Russia in 13-15 centuries?

Which of these organizations existed in Russia in 13-15 centuries?

When the simple commodity production becomes capitalist?

In what century the first state-owned factory in Russia?

What is called "tax"?

Which trade events played great importance for the formation of the all-Russian market in the 17th century.?

What is the position with respect to taxes on foreign goods contained new trade statute in 1667?

Who was the initiator of the acceleration of economic development of Russia in the 17th century.?

What characterizes the "land of manufacture" under Peter I?

The famous contemporary of Peter I the first Russian economist Ivan Pososhkov?

What was the name book by Pososhkov - an outstanding monument of historical and economic science in Russia, 17 in.?

What is "pogolovschina" under Peter I?

What was the main purpose of the internal policy of the tsarist government in the early 19th century.?

What was the purpose of flow "economists" in the labor movement in Russia?

Responses to test the Open Institute of Law for the program Unitest c letter T on the label and for the program Test Client.
Answers to tests OYUI latest, guarantee 100% of the results of the test to assess the 5.
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