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Audio book "The Idiot"

Fedor Dostoevsky

Age limit: 12+

Genre: Classical prose, Russian classics

Narrator: Peter Taganov

Fyodor Dostoyevsky - the great Russian classics and a psychologist. In his works reveals the key inimitably realistic stereotyped society. Apparently, this is not only Russian society, because they do not have to recognize the genius of Dostoevsky´s world.

In the novel, the fifth in a row writing, Dostoevsky introduces the reader to a kind of vision of the Christ in our society. Prince Myshkin, by chance, coming after the treatment of epilepsy, from the mountains of Switzerland in Russia, like Jesus, sadly, forgiveness and longing looks at the bustle of greedy, stupid and voracious to all sorts of vices philistinism. The book, however, does not look like a prophetic gospel, but offers analysis and distorted vision of the world through the prism of forgiveness. This world does not give in to common understanding Myshkin, whose status Prince, though not appropriate for a novel. Myshkin understands that it is not able to influence the tragedy and despair surrounding ´new´ society, decides to go back to the mental hospital far from the Alps.

Timeless millennial struggle of spiritual and material values \u200b\u200bis reflected in the spirit and in the writing of this great work, and on the right, the work of Dostoevsky - forever.

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