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Paying this product you will get a license key activation PHOTOS out of the box the game "LEGO Movie Videogame" to activate in the "Steam", from the company "1C-SoftKlab."

Key collection takes place automatically, immediately after the payment.

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Platform: PC

Genre: Action

Developer: TT Games

Publisher: WB Games

Distributor in Russia: 1C-SoftKlab

Activation: Steam

Release Language: original sound system, Russian subtitles

Region: Russia, CIS (the possibility of activation in other parts of the data yet)

Age Rating: 6+

Release Date: 02/28/2014 Year

Caution Publisher reserves the right to change product specifications without notice.

Description of the game "LEGO Movie Videogame":

Even the ordinary becomes extraordinary, if it is made of LEGO bricks in the game The LEGO Movie Videogame based on the animated film of the same name. Do not miss the incredible adventure in a world created from multi-colored plastic!

Meet Emmett - LEGO-ordinary little man and an exemplary citizen LEGO-city. Life Emmett was fine until he mistakenly did not accept for the elect - the one who is destined to save the world. Join a team of heroes and join the fight against the evil tyrant, helping Emmett in his fascinating and incredibly funny journey to which it is hopeless is not ready.

Entertaining plot, bright recognizable graphics, excellent animation, addictive gameplay, the ability to play together and, of course, a unique series of good humor LEGO - The Lego Movie Videogame will take a lot of fun for children and adults.

GAME FEATURES "LEGO Movie Videogame":

• Welcome unimaginable set of LEGO-heroes, including Batman, Superman, Green Ninja, Gandalf and many, many others - more than 90 characters. With them you have to go through a bunch of adventures to more than 15 exciting levels.

• Break as many blocks in the wonderful world of LEGO.

• Find and use the page assembly instructions to pave a new path.

• Acquire the power of the Great Builder to recreate in the virtual world of the most incredible LEGO-construction.

• Appreciate the new style of animation - characters and objects move like real figures and details of LEGO.

• Play with friends and family to join and leave the game at any moment.

Activation key "LEGO Movie Videogame":

1. If it is not installed Steam client, download and install it

2. Log in to your Steam account, or register a new one if you have not already have it.

3. Go to "Games" and there select "Activate via Steam» and enter the key purchased from us.

4. After activating the game appear in the list of games and you can download it.

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