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The plugin allows you to organize the reception of funds through Invoicing * Interkassa.

With this plugin you will be able to automatically take users to pay for advertising Adsmanager, lighting, selection of data in the fields of toll, additional photos and much, much more. As used billing Interkassa 2.0, this is different from the billing of competitors lowest commission and a large set of means of payment: e-money (Yandex, webmoney, etc.), Banks, credit and debit cards, terminals, and with the possibility of paying mobile phone bills. Registration in Interkassa simple and does not require any additional documentation to enable the payment, and the service is available primarily for Russia and Ukraine, as well as all the countries of the former Soviet Union.

The plugin is installed via the extension joomla. Instructions and settings are displayed after the installation of the plug-in plugin settings Payment Invoicing. Supported by Joomla! 2.5 and above.

* - Invoicing is a component for Joomla !, which allows you to accept payments online in different components, such as adsmanager: placement of images, field (paid / free), categories (paid / free), etc., details and a demo is available on Developer website: JoomProd
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14.12.2016 12:44:49
Сегодня купил Плагин для оплаты в Invoicing через Интеркассу скачал без проблем буду пробовать. Это не первый плагин который я купил у Рената. Все работает а главное техподдержка на высоте. Уверен и с этим приобретением будет все нормально. Всем советую не пожалеете.