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Plug-rate allows you to create fields with a rating of five stars. Voting takes place through ajax (without reloading the page), you can vote only if you add the announcement, adding and viewing the advertisement, and only when viewing the ad, depending on the settings of each field of the plugin. It is also possible to create a field that shows the average rating of fields such as rate, the field for which you want to display an average rating specified in the settings.

As protection from markups used ip and / or the user id (if the user is logged in).

Installation Instructions:

It is located in the file README.txt zip archive with the plugin.

Correct operation is guaranteed if you:

Php 5.2, mysql 5+, joomla! 1.5.x and higher, chrome 5+, ie6 +, Opera 8+, firefox 2+, adsmanager 2.6.x and higher.

All new versions of the plug-in, containing bug fixes and new features will be sent for email, so if you wish to receive a new version and you need those. support the need to write that you are a buyer of a plug and provide data on payment (id order) through the contact form on the website:

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