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Details of the base:

My database includes 340 Trust sites;

Average Tourist sites - 2210;

Maximum TIC - 190000;

The total TIC - 744 920;

Pr 1 to 9;

General Pr - 1366;

The number of sites in the "Yandex.Catalog" - 279;

The number of websites in Dmoz - 214;

Trust sites at least 3 (which indicates the level of confidence is not a bad search engine to sites);

All sites tested in the absence of the tag (prohibition of indexing sites), and;

Sites do not require placement of backlink;

All accommodation links is eternal;

I described in detail how to add their own links to each site;


If you do everything the way I have described, the website that you get promoted:

Conclusion Site in Top 10 for the LF, MF and HF requests;

Height TIC +10 -80, Pr 1-5;

Natural reference weight (such as in Gogetlinks, Getgotlinks or Sape);

Improved indexing of your site;

Increase in attendance of the resource;

Increase confidence in the search engines (increasing the trust).
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