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You buy a license key game "Mafia 2 Extras" from the company "1C-SoftKlab" and guaranteed to get the key after the payment, upon the arrival of your funds in system.

Developer: 2K Czech

Publisher: 1C-SoftKlab

Russian language

Region: Russia, CIS

Release Date: December 3, 2010

\u003cattention\u003e Warning! To install add-ons requires JavaScript activated licensed Russian version of Mafia 2 \u003c/attention\u003e


Description of the game:


Specific set of add-ons expands the horizons of Mafia II. Bonus cars and costumes, as well as new characters and storylines allow re-immersed in the world of criminal 1940-50 America´s. In addition, the online leader boards will give an incentive for repetition and fighting for the top lines in the rankings.

Four sets of clothes and cars for the main character Mafia II:

• Vegas Pack

the attributes of luxury living: two suits their elegant and two luxury cars.

• Renegade Pack

sports coupe and hot-rod style 1950 with uprated engines; leather and "baseball" jackets.

• Greaser Pack

Two hot-rod Speedster; leather suit professional racer, a leather jacket and a pair of heavy boots.

• War Hero Pack

a return to the 1940s, two military cars; grand and field military uniforms.

Three story additions:

• Joe´s Adventure

In its role as Joe, you know who Vito sent to prison and why should not communicate with his family Clemente.

• Jimmy´s Vendetta

Hitman Jimmy wipe the mud after the other - until "podterli" him. But come the day of reckoning!

• Betrayal of Jimmy

Playing for Jimmy, you have to find out what events led him to take revenge.


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To install the game you need:


1. Download, install and run Steam:

2. Register an account Steam.

3. Open the tab "My Games" from the top menu, at the bottom click "Activate via Steam ..."

4. You will be asked to enter the product code, enter the key purchased from us.

4. Prepare the installation process (download)

5. Play.

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Спасибо, все отлично
10.02.2017 23:11:04
Всё отлично.
18.11.2016 15:20:48
Все работает. Хочу подарок.
18.11.2016 14:48:50
Спасибо, код прошел, уже качаю.
23.04.2016 8:10:04
24.03.2016 18:07:22
Ключ рабочий. Учже качаются DLC.
10.03.2016 18:15:07
все ок
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